How to Market Your Mobile App Effectively?

Each week, developers submit hundreds of thousands of apps into the various app markets. If you are a new developer, competition is cutthroat, and it is difficult to be successful. The market is very busy and it can be easy for your app to be lost. If you want your app to have any potential, you have to address several fundamental questions in your development:

1. How do you make certain that your app is ranking high enough in search engines for it to be discovered organically?

2. How do you ensure your apps is receiving enough downloads for it to be of meaningful monetary value for you?

3. How do you make certain, your target audience is downloading your app for it to build an excellent usage ration?

Pay attention to your marketing model

You need to address the three above questions in your marketing model if you want to have any real chances of success with your app. However, one of the biggest worries of app developers is that the marketing cost is very high, and will make their app unprofitable.

In addition, they claim that since the market app is constantly changing, the marketing techniques required to market them effectively are also changing along with them. Here are some of the marketing strategies that have stood the test of time, and will not drain the entire profit line of your app business:

1. Ad networks: Consider using an affiliate ad company to help you boost your revenue. These ad networks promote your app via ads and banners in other apps. Even though the click-through rate of marketing apps through these companies is a little over 1%, it can boost your ratings in top app stores and increase your organic ranking. Make sure the ad network you choose will market your app to your target audience.

2. Social media: If you are not harnessing the power of social media then you are missing out big time. Effective use of social media can benefit your app in various ways including, increasing brand awareness, capturing the personal aspect of your app business, and drawing the right audience to your app. Furthermore, social media is an excellent tool of communication between you and your end users. You can use it to alert your users of new upgrades, and provide a link for them to upgrade. You can also receive suggestions, reply to queries and address problems.

3. Maintain loyal users: If you want to build an app empire, you have to learn how to maintain your current users as you strive to acquire more. One of the oldest tricks in the book for maintaining users is coming up with a rewarding scheme for your most loyal users. This will make your users feel special, and they will continue using your app, rating it high, and recommending it to others. Excellent examples of rewarding your loyal users is giving them offers or discounts on certain products, adding them more lives in case of certain games, and giving them VIP status.

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