How to Speed Up My Computer For Free

When you ask yourself “how to speed up my computer for free” you may find that there are several factors to consider. You may already know that your computer is made up of a multitude of different parts, and any one of these parts might be acting up and causing that major lag to your computer. Whether you use your computer for business or for leisure, you will undoubtedly want a quick responsive computer rather than a geriatric dinosaur. This article will tell you how to improve and maintain your computer’s response time for free.

The first thing you should consider when you’re looking to speed up your computer is your hard drive. If you find that your hard drive is full or close to it, you might like to think about uninstalling some of the applications you don’t usually use on a daily or even a monthly basis. Unnecessary applications, especially those that run in the background, tend to consume not only hard drive space, but precious RAM as well. Since RAM is necessary for the running of applications, it makes sense to remove the ones that you don’t need, or prevent them from running in the background.

The response time of your computer depends on how quickly it can retrieve the necessary data required to run a particular application. A hard drive with well organized and properly maintained data will result in a speedier computer. Imagine having to navigate through a messy room; it would take you longer to get from one end of the room to another. Same goes with computers. When data is accumulated in the hard drive, it isn’t always organized properly. You can remedy this by defragmenting your hard drive on a regular basis, preferably once every two weeks. What defragmenting your drive does is to reorganize your data into a more orderly array, and this can go a long way towards regaining the speed that you might have lost all this while.

Another thing that you might want to try is a good registry cleaner. Take some time to look into free registry cleaners and learn about what they can do for your computer. Your computer’s registry is essentially where it stores the information that it needs to execute the tasks that you need it to. This can mean that you are looking at a variety of different things that can go wrong as well. Take some time to make sure that you can get the results that you need by clearing out old, useless or corrupt registry issues before they become a problem.

So if you’ve ever asked yourself “how to speed up my computer for free”, consider the above mentioned tips. You don’t always have to consider purchasing a new computer whenever yours start to lose its optimal performance. Sometimes all it takes is simple proper maintenance to increase the lifespan and performance of your current one. The things that you need to do get an impressive increase in speed are quite varied and very simple, so make sure that you take the action that you need to take, today!

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