Law Firm Billing Software

Are you a law firm looking to maximize your returns on the hours you spend on every client? Are you tired of keeping tabs on how many hours you spend on researching, preparing and arguing a case? Well don’t be. With law firm billing software you can now not just keep a tab of the time spent on a case, but also bill the client for that easily. No complications and no manual calculations!

Irrespective of the size of your law firm, you can now use law firm billing software and enjoy some robust features during the client billing process. Always considered critical processes, time and billing are some of the two most important activities in a company. Tracking time as well as expenses and managing them properly is not just a critical issue, but it reflects on your law firm’s professionalism and internal management techniques, not to mention the reputation. When you use billing software made especially keeping in mind the requirements and expectations of law firms, the product is not just functional, but also customizable and flexible.

There are several top-of-the-line law billing software’s that are available with automatic timers as well as capability to manually enter time on an hourly as well as project by project basis. Using cutting edge technology, these software’s also offer all law and attorney firms an ideal Internet based billing software solution that is easy to use and easy to maintain. In fact, the company will handle all your hardware, software, as well as maintenance related issues offsite with the help of experienced professionals. Of course, in order to use the law firm billing software, you must have access to either online or wi-fi connection.

Why a law firm billing software
Law firm billing software is the perfect solution for lawyers, attorneys and other professionals in the field of law. There are several top-end legal time billing software solutions and they are being consistently used by several legal professionals. Here’s a look at some of the salient features of a law firm billing software:

1. Voice codes for entering data as well as regularly used descriptions
2. More than one timer so that you can manage more than one client/process
3. Especial feature of conflict management that allows you to search for a related field
4. Ability to manage 3rd party accounts with ease and efficiency
5. The activities in the software are coded based on UTMBS or Uniform Task-Based Management System
6. Used Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard for LEDES 98 for creating invoices

Other Attractive Features
1. Get more value for your time as you track time more accurately
2. Generate a quicker cash flow as you can bill your clients more quickly
3. Reduce the number of bill disputes you may have had with your clients
4. You can leverage the software to show off you professionalism as well as your financial muscles
5. Accept credit card payments and get paid faster than ever
6. Keep track of the time spent even offline
7. Since it’s easy to use, anyone can use it easily
8. And lastly, the software is secure and uses 128bit SSL encryption to safe guard all information

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